Become a Seller

Seller Agreement:

We welcome businesses and sole traders to open a store at our platform

It's very easy to apply, first register by clicking the login/register link at the top right of our website. When you have registered, then log in and request to become a seller. Make sure you have filled out all the details in your accounts details, so that we can evaluate you and your business. If we have additional questions we will email you and request proofs and documents that might be required to be able to open a store with us.

Products we do not allow:

- Any vehicles that require license and registrations in Ireland.

- Any type of weapon, knives or can be considered illegal by Irish Law.

- Services, we only sell products that can be shipped legally within or to Ireland from European Countries.

- clothing or products that are considered to be viewed by adults only. (our site is family-friendly)

- We reserve the right to remove any products that we or if we receive complaints from users to be unsuitable for our website.

- / Aliexpress products that are shipped as drop shipping from outside Europe. 

Location of stock:

- All Stock must be located in Ireland or any of the European Countries. 

- Products/orders must have a delivery lead-time of a max of 8 days. 

Prices & Cost to sell on our platform:

- Within your store, you set your own prices and shipping costs.

- When a buyer orders your product we handle the payments and you get a confirmation to ship.

- You have to ship with POD service (proof of delivery) signature required. (this is for your protection)

- When the customer has received the order, you can request to withdraw the funds to your bank or account.

Our Fees:

- It's free to join and use our platform.

- We charge 10% of the sale price including the shipping fee only when a buyer purchases your product. The fee includes merchant fees from PayPal & Stripe.

- There are no other fees for selling on our platform, no hosting, or having to use your own website.